Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long Time No See

Ok Ok Ok, So residency is a time consuming entity that does not like sharing you with your bed further more blogging time. I am soooo behind on updating my blog and my family has been nagging me for weeks to put up more pictures.

(Me at 22wks and 4 days)
I actually had a day off and was able to try out our pool for the first time

I am now 23 weeks and 4days pregnant and doing well. Residency has been a crazy, new, overwhelming, exciting, educational and tiring experience thus far and it has only just begun. In less than two months, I have become a surgeon, an educator to women, present on the happiest and worst days of a woman's life. I am very blessed to be doing what I do. I just wish there was more time for rest and relaxation. My little boy is doing well; content inside my womb... probably wondering why I am never sitting still. It is very comforting to feel his life inside of me when I am delivering a baby, standing for 4 hours working in the Operating Room, writing orders, and especially when I am too tired or discouraged to want to go on. I always have a constant reminder of what I can be happy about and excited for, right there with me.