Sunday, January 27, 2013

Proud Mamma

Ever since I became pregnant with Micah, I could tell that he was going to be special. I know that all mothers say this, but humor me. I have always sensed that he would be a sweet soul with a warm heart. I prayed that he would be studious, smart and love to learn. I have been given all that I'd hoped for and more. When Micah was about 22 months old, he revealed to us that he could read his letters. From there, he grew exponentially; writing letters, learning numbers and even reading, writing and spelling even elaborate words. Now, he can read and comprehend pretty much anything that he lays his eyes on, even reading books without aide. My sister who is a 2nd grade teacher, says that he is pretty much already at least at a 1st grade level with his reading comprehension and wants us to get him tested before starting school. Now, I am working on teaching him Spanish, and he has already memorized many colors and almost has the Spanish alphabet memorized. I am amazed every day by the depth of comprehension of the world around him that my three yr old displays. We have not been able to spell around him for over a yr, and we often have to remind ourselves and each other that he is still only a child when it comes to correcting him. He has been a patient, loving big brother to Makayla and we love seeing him play and interact with her. I cannot wait to see who and what my son becomes. Our job is to guide him, keep him humble and close to God, and foster the sense of wonder and joy that he feels every time he learns something new. I feel so very blessed.