Saturday, June 19, 2010

Congrats Are in Order!

So this last week (Wednesday) my lovely wife had her department graduation. This is an event in which the faculty and staff of the OB-GYN department take the time to congratulate the graduating 4th year residents and award a select few of the remaining residents for a job well done.

So over the last few months leading up to the graduation I felt inclined to point out to my wife that I think she is in the top 2 for Intern of the Year Award. She dismissed me for all the same reasons why I thought she would win.

These might be a little biased but who cares I am married to the woman. lol

1. Dionne has never done anything half-way. Quite frankly, I don't think she knows how to.

2. We (She) had a baby in November and Dionne didn't miss a single call shift. Dionne also worked 2 full call shifts back to back leading up to the week she delivered Micah. (The weeks that she's on call average 111hrs per week no days off).

3. USMLE Step 3- the third part of a 3 part board exam series. Dionne studied hard, took it and passed, all while juggling readings and presentations for her program as well as being a mother and a wife.

4. Even with missing 6 weeks of work for maternity leave, Dionne was able to stay at the same level as her peers.

Even with all of the many things that my wife had to juggle this year, it could've been easy for her to fall behind. But she didn't. She came back from maternity leave ready to get back to work. I think that she and I both were concerned that her superiors and peers were not going to be able to put aside the politics of having a resident who decides to have a baby....

Good news is, she was wrong, and I was right that her hard work would not go unrewarded :)

So, I have a few photos to share. A brief snap shot of the last years events in my wife’s intern year of her OB-GYN residency.

Medical School Graduation


Doctor D :)

Micah is finally here :)

The Intern of the Year is.....

Dionne and her co-interns

It has to feel great to have all your dreams come true.

Congratulations, my lovely wife for Job well done and welcome to your 2nd year.