Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow. We have been busy. :) Time to catch up with some pics.

I love this picture.

So first of all this is Randy :) as you all know my wife has been working crazy hours in her residency program and now she has to study for a 2 day test that she needs to take in April. So until then you are stuck with ME :)

The last post was at the end of December so I will pick up from there.

Micah is now 3 months and 1 week old and starting his My Baby can Read dvd's.

Micah is getting so big. Here are some of his favorite toys.

next is his Swing(Thanks Uncle George & Auntie Pam)

Ok now you can see how he travels in this freezing cold weather. The stroller/carseat.

So now on to the fun pics.

Here is a pic of the girls. (Dionne's Sisters and Aroti one of Dionne's Co-Residents)

Here is a pic of Micah and Hyacinth aka Mom or Nana

Too Cute

Micah's surprised face.

Micah in some big boy clothes.

Close up :)
One of my favorites. His model pose lol

Micah and Mommy
Micah and Daddy
Ok that is all I have for now I will add some more in a couple of weeks.