Sunday, October 11, 2009

my week off- part 3

Our little art project:
So last weekend, Randy and I went to a craft store and bought some white wooden letters. This Friday night, we sanded and painted those letters, each in a different color, which we placed over the crib. A few days before that, we also put up some vinyl lettering. Now, waking up and seeing my son's name makes me even more excited to see him.

It was fun painting with Randy

My wonderfully handy husband once again


"Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes from Above"

my week off-part 2

So Wednesday October 7th was my 28th birthday, and my wonderful husband, after having taken me out to dinner and shopping on Saturday, left work early and while I was at a cafe studying, cleaned our messy living room and surprised me with this:

Please note the kisses filled with caramel on the table. I have always hated chocolate. Apart from my occasional indulgence in the caramel, nugget and peanut goodness of a Snickers bar, there is not much chocolate that I am able to tolerate. During the last trimester of this pregnancy, I have become a lot more tolerant of the different preparations of milk chocolate. I still need to have it made with something else like mint or caramel, but now I actually crave it and enjoy it. Once, about a month ago, Randy bought a bag of the Hersey chocolate with caramel for himself and much to both of our surprise, yours truly ended up eating a good bit of them. We could not find it again since then but on my birthday, Randy found it for me. I have an incredibly wonderful husband.

That night, we went out to dinner with some of my co-workers. It was a very nice birthday indeed.

My week off- part 1

Tomorrow I go back to work after a much needed week off. With the third part of my board exams coming up, I did some studying, Randy and I did some home decorating and baby preparation. Most of all, I did a lot of sleeping and/or just being horizontal in bed. Needless to say, my ankles look great lol Being admittedly lazy (and I do appologize for not updating the blog on a more regular basis), I figure I will just put up a sample of pics and videos from my doings this past week.

One of our attendings hosted a party last Sunday. It was a Jewish tradition called the Sukkat
The pretty lady in the middle is one of my co-interns, Aroti.
I know, my face has gotten considerably wider with this pregnancy. ugh

About to leave for the Chestnut Hill Festival last Sunday

I think this was last Saturday. Getting ready to go out and run errands

This is part of one of the acts at the festival that we went to last Sunday. There were live bands and lots of food. The weather was perfect that day. Sorry for the weird camera angle.