Sunday, October 3, 2010

Videos of Micah walking

Micah has been taking more and more steps each day, since he was just under 10 months old I believe, and Randy and I keep meaning to take some videos, but either we are too in awe to go get our phones or camera, or by the time we get what we need, Micah does not want to walk any more. I finally captured some of his moves today. Enjoy :)

Sometimes he gets so pleased with himself when he makes it long distances. Or other times, he'll be so much about his business that he acts like to him its no big deal. lol


Beth said...

He is getting so big! I know this is always said- but they grow up WAY TOO FAST. I'm excited you are posting on your other blog again. I am on my way over there to read it!

Cassandra said...

Why is he getting so big?! You tell him to stop growing, right now!